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NTK Kft. NTK Kft. - 20 éves AAA - Highest Creditworhiness ISO9001
About us

Providing Solutions since 1994

The manufacturing unit of our company in the Industrial Park Győr deals with wire fabrication and component assembly.

Our company, founded in 1994, is growing steadily due to regular staff training, machinery development and our commitment to customers.

Experience: Key to Successful Product Development

If required, we are also involved in the design process. We actively participate in the planning, making feasibility analyses, process FMEAs, audit plans and prototypes. Our dedication and many years of experience contribute to the cost-effective construction of the product manufacturing processes.

Attention to Detail

Our quality management system controls our processes in every detail. Our products undergo thorough, multi-stage quality control, therefore our partners are always provided with high quality products.

The excellence of our activity is proven by the successful audits of multinational customers at our company, the supplier’s appraisals, which show consistently high performance, and the awards earned for our cooperative approach.

Coordination of the production process is ensured by SAP Integrated Management System, which keeps us up-to-date on each step of production and provides accurate version control.

Long-Term Relationship

We are proud that our business partners – automotive suppliers, printing machine manufacturers and communication / navigation equipment manufacturers – are committed to maintaining a long-term cooperation with our company.


NTK Ipari-Elektronikai és Kereskedelmi Kft.
H-9027 Győr, Gesztenyefa út 4.
+36 96 523 268
+36 96 430 011


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